Property tax assessments may be inaccurate for a multitude of reasons. Challenging a property's value is most often based on the recent arm's length sale of the property, comparable sales and income calculation. Through analysis and communication, we will achieve accurate valuation of your property(s).

We Can Help answers these key questions every assessor will ask:

  • What is your property worth?
  • Why is your property worth less than the tax assessor's value?
  • What evidence exists to support a reduced valuation?

A clear understanding of the intricacies and methodologies used by property tax assessors in property valuation i.e. tax assessment, is crucial in communicating with assessors. At we work with you to determine if compelling reasons exist to lower your property value; we then substantiate our position with tangible evidence to lower your property tax assessment. Conversely, if we feel the property tax assessor has accurately valued or under valued your property, we will tell you.

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