Residential Property Tax

Residential property tax Is your residential property over assessed?

We can help.  Assessors primarily use comparable sales (comps) when determining the valuation of residential property. At, we compile extensive sales data from your neighborhood to establish land valuations and home pricing which we may use in discussions with the assessor. 

Our fee is based entirely on results. No fee is charged unless we lower your valuation. Our fee is paid from your tax savings resulting from lower assessed values, and is a one time only, first year only charge (fee is payable when services are rendered). You enjoy 100% of the benefits of our efforts for future years. Our results are verifiable and quantifiable.   It’s that simple.

Our contingency fee is 50% of the reduction in property valuation multiplied by the prior year’s tax rate. 


Last year’s tax rate: 2.0% = Mill rate = $20 per $1,000
Property valuation assigned by assessor = $400,000
Property valuation achieved by Property Tax Bill = $300,000
Fee = (valuation reduction) X (last year’s tax rate) X (contingency fee rate)
Fee = $100,000 X 2.0% X 50% = $1,000. Your tax savings is approximately $1,000

"Challenging your property taxes is easy. If you received a letter from us CLICK HERE and enter your Tax ID# in the box and complete the form. Your Tax ID# is in the upper left corner of your letter.

If you didn't receive a letter from us, call (262) 569-1800 or email us your name, phone number, tax ID# and property address."

Please note,  challenges only residential properties that have received a letter from us.

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