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Eminent Domain Appeal

Eminent domain appeal Are you being fairly compensated for your property in a jurisdictional offer or eminent domain action?

Federal, state, county and local governments all have eminent domain authority over your property.  Additionally, certain mass transit authorities and utilities may exercise eminent domain. These authorities may acquire some or all of your property (fee simple) or use (temporary or permanent limited easement) through a jurisdictional offer or eminent domain, for public purposes. Your compensation is based on the taking authority’s contracted appraisal.

Property owners are entitled to receive “just compensation” for property taken. If an easement on your property is acquired, you are entitled to receive the difference between the value of your property immediately before the date of evaluation and its value immediately after the date of evaluation the as compensation. At no charge, will review your appraisal to determine if the taking authority’s valuation should be questioned. For initial offers from the taking authority over $2,000,000, our fee is 25% of the excess compensation you receive as a result of our efforts. For initial offers from the taking authority under $2,000,000, our fee is 33.33% of the excess compensation you receive as a result of our efforts.


Example: The taking authority (County in this example) prepares an initial offer of $100,000 for your property. negotiates with the County and increases the offer to $110,000.
Fee = {(negotiated offer) - (original offer)} X (Fee Rate)
Fee = ($110,000 – $100,000) X 33.33% = $3,333.33. Your additional compensation = $6,666.67. Your total compensation = $106,666.67.

Please call us to arrange the necessary documentation to represent your interests in an eminent domain appeal. We can be reached at (262) 569-1800. We will schedule a date to begin work on your assignment shortly thereafter. This service is available in Wisconsin only.