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Not For Profit Property Tax

Not for profit property tax Has the municipal assessor taxed your Not For Profit Organization? 

Non profits may be required to pay real estate property taxes and personal property taxes.    A recent circuit court decision click here has set important precedent affecting many nonprofits.  This ruling has emboldened municipalities to pursue property taxes from 501 c organizations.

To prepare for this inevitable trend in taxing policies by municipalities, your non-profit organization will benefit from the services of  We will compile the necessary data to present your 501 C 3 case for complete or partial exemption from both real and personal property taxes and advocate your 501C3 position, seeking fair and equitable treatment by the assessor.

Our contingency fee is 50%  of the reduction in valuation of combined real and personal property multiplied by the prior year’s tax rate for the first year only (no offset for property increases).


Last year’s tax rate: 2.0%
Property valuation assigned by assessor: $500,000
Property valuation (combination of real and personal) determined by $200,000
Fee = (valuation reduction) X  (last year’s tax rate) X (contingency fee rate)
Fee = $300,000 X 2.0% X 50% = $3,000*
Your tax savings are approximately $3,000
*additional fees may apply on an hourly basis.

Please call us to arrange the necessary documentation to represent your interests in a Not for Profit tax matter. We can be reached at (262) 569-1800. We will schedule a date to begin work on your assignment shortly thereafter.