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Sales and Use Tax

Sales & use tax Are you over paying sales and use taxes?

We can help.  Errors occur when sales tax and use tax is paid on exempt products and services. For example, overpayment may occur on:

1. Purchases of machinery, equipment and tools used in certain industries.

2. Purchases that are consumed, destroyed or lose their identity in the manufacturing process.

3. Printing equipment used by a law firm in the manufacture of reports.

At, we examine your purchasing activities and provide the necessary information with supporting documentation to submit an accurate filing and apply for a refund of state sales tax and county sales tax overpaid if applicable. Our contingency fee is 50%  of the reduction in Sales and Use Tax (no offset for increases). 


Reduction in Sales and Use Tax: $5,000
Contingency fee rate: 50%
Fee = (reduction in Sales and Use Tax) X (contingency fee rate)

Fee = $5,000 X 50% = $2,500*
Your tax savings is approximately $2,500
*additional fees may apply on an hourly basis.

Please call us to arrange the necessary documentation to represent your interests in a sales and use tax examination.  We can be reached at (262) 569-1800.  We will schedule a date to begin work on your assignment shortly thereafter.